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Single padg melt bar - padgmade

Single padg melt bar

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Single padg melt bar

For when you want to try your next fave scent :)

Same rainbow collection 🌈

Plant based wax  🌱 

Choose your colour/scent 

Snap a piece off your padg melt bar, put some tunes on and chillax :)

Same great smells, same vibrant colours!

and of course padg seeds included too!

We wrap your padg melt bar in recycle and biodegradable kraft paper and use paper tape to keep it nice and snug.

But what is a padg melt?!

padg melts or wax melts, are basically mini scented pieces of wax without the wick. They are melted using a "warmer" or "melter" to release the amazing fragrance.

padg melts are perfect if you are unsure which scent to get straight away as they come in smaller pieces.