British Wild Flower Seeds included with every candle! 🌱

Floral padg melts - padgmade

Floral padg melts

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Ok guys these melts are pretty special! 🌺

Same amazing fragrances BUT we've included dried flowers in them too!

Hand picked by us from the local Bristol area, including alot from our very own garden flower bed :)

The floral padg melt box includes

4 bars in each box with a combined burn time of approx 40-50 hours

Plant based wax  🌱 

Choose your fave scent or choose a "Variety Box" and we'll pick an awesome selection for you.

Snap a piece off your padg melt bar, put some tunes on and chillax :)

But what is a padg melt?!

padg melts or wax melts, are basically mini scented pieces of wax without the wick. They are melted using a "warmer" or "melter" to release the amazing fragrance.

padg melts are perfect if you are unsure which scent to get straight away as they come in smaller pieces.