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Wax Melts Pick & Mix

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Wax Melts Pick & Mix

Pick 4 fragrances from the rainbow selection 🌈

Each fragrance comes with 2 snap bars with a burn time of 50 hours Approx

Total Pick & Mix burn time 200 hrs Approx 

Snap a piece off your padg melt bar, put some tunes on and chill :)

Of course padg seed paper included too, to help start your own pollinator haven! #padgpollinatorhaven 

Vegan - Ethical - Handmade


Fragrances - Paraben and cruelty free

Packaging completely plastic free - We put the wax melts inside a glassine bag which is both biodegradable and recyclable to help seal in the fragrance. This is then put into a cardboard post-able box.

But what are wax melts?!

Wax melts, are basically mini scented pieces of wax without the wick. They are melted using a "warmer" or "melter" to release the amazing fragrance into your home.